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Kobold VR200

Kobold VR200 Robot Vacuum

Fully Automated

The Kobold VR200 cleans your home effectively whenever you want it to. Ideal if you want a vacuum to clean while you are out, so you can come home to a wonderfully clean home.

Cleans Hard-To-Reach Places

The Kobold VR200 reliably cleans all floor surfaces. It effortlessly reaches every corner, overcomes obstacles with ease and even cleans under low furniture.

Powerful and Efficient

Extensive research and development means that the VR200 is a real powerhouse. It works as you would expect from Vorwerk Kobold product: powerfully and efficiently.

Multiple Floor Surface Cleaning

The Kobold VR200 uses powerful suction to cleans parquet, tiles and carpet deeply and thoroughly. Because it is equipped with an advanced engine developed exclusively by Vorwerk Kobold, it's effective suction power is up to three times higher than that of comparable products.

Optimal Dust Retention

The VR200 removes more dust from all types of surfaces thanks to a new brush design. Its innovative round brush with rubber fins and bristle strips rotates 30 times per second and is placed very close to the edge of the body. The side brush sweeps the dirt directly to the round brush, which brings optimal cleanliness on all surfaces, at edges and in corners. 

Obstacle and Stair Detection

Numerous sensors make it possible for the Kobold VR200 to notice furniture and obstacles, allowing it to brake gently before coming into contact with them or changing course to drive carefully around them. It deals with doorsteps without skipping a beat, and will recognise stairs and reverse accordingly.

Highly Accurate around Edges and Corners

Controlled by intelligent software and three ultrasonic sensors, the VR200 moves precisely along flooroards, walls and edges. Due to its special D-shape design, it excels at cleaning corners in your home.

Easily Cleans Under and Around Furniture

The Kobold VR200 will clean every corner of your home without difficulty. It cleans right into the corners and edges and also passes easily under your furniture, with a height of just 9cm off the ground.

Easy-Empty Dust Canister

When the dust container is full, you can remove the contents easily via the opening using your vacuum cleaner. This is particularly hygienic because you do not come into contact with the dirt during this process. Our Kobold vacuum cleaners are ideal for the suction, but you can also use most commercially available vacuum cleaners. Of course, you can simply remove the container for emptying if you'd prefer. 

Remote Control Operation

The new remote control allows convenient operation of the robotic vacuum cleaner from a distance. Ideal for those who wish to vacuum the house without leaving the couch!

Animal Loving - But Great For Removing Pet Hair

The VR200 Robot is excellent for pet owners because it removes pet hair quickly and easily. This will save you a lot of work and precious time that you can spend with your pets instead! The VR200 sucks with a maximum of 70 decibels of noise, so it is pleasantly quiet while it is tidying up after your furry friends. 

Software Updates

Download the latest software update for the VR200

Technical Data

Model VR200
Cordless Yes
Lightweight Yes
Compact Yes
Suits Floor Types Carpet, Hard Floors, Stairs, Tiles
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