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Kobold HD60

Kobold HD60

The Kobold HD60 Hard Floor Head

The Kobold HD60 Hard Floor Head is a specially designed nozzle for the easy cleaning of all smooth, hard floors. Unlike conventional Hard Floor Heads, it is very well suited for coarse dirt as well. It moves easily around all furniture and legs, and vacuums cleanly along all skirting boards.

The Hard Floor Head can be used on most floors, including: Sealed wooden flooring (e.g. parquet, beech or oak floorboards), Laminate, Oiled wooden flooring (e.g. floorboards, parquet made of beech or oak), PVC, CV, linoleum, Natural stone flooring (e.g. marble, granite, slate), Clay flooring (e.g. terracotta), Ceramic tiles and fine stoneware, Sealed cork flooring, Sensitive natural stone flooring (e.g. Solnhofer stone), Rugged concrete flooring (e.g. washed concrete), Unsealed wooden flooring made or softwood (e.g. pine, spruce), Unsealed cork flooring.

The HD60 is included with the Vorwerk Kobold VK200.

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